Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

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December 30, 2017
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Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

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Social Media is a fantastic marketing tool, not only because it can generate droves of new interest in your business but it’s also the fastest growing advertising tool in the marketing sphere. Getting started with social media might be challenge if you don’t know much about it. There are several social media platforms that only require you to sign up for a free account and be on your way to making marketing waves but, what if you’re not sure how to best maximize the use of social media to promote your business, products or services and generate increased revenue? Maybe you’re not even familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest…. If so, never fear!

Jaren Skinner, Founder of Flash Mob Social Media Management, generously shared some words of wisdom on social media marketing during a little Q&A session I had with him. I picked his brain on the subject and am sharing with you his valuable insights.

  • Why should companies consider starting social media campaigns?

Let’s face it, people don’t watch or listen to commercials anymore. How do you reach your target market? The cheapest and most efficient way is paid social media advertising, where you can use demographics to target specific people in specific areas, with specific interests at costs as low as $0.01 cent per engagement. People spend a hell of a lot of time scrolling through social media (ask my wife). Haha, kidding…but not really kidding.

  • How do you decide which platform is best for the businesses you are promoting?

It depends on the business and who they are trying to reach of course. Facebook and Instagram are good for almost any business, especially if you have an interesting product.

I find the older/professional target market are on twitter. A wide variety are on Facebook and this is where most of your marketing efforts should occur. The market gets younger as you move to Instagram and Snapchat.

  • What platforms do you find have the most engaged followers?

They are all very engaging to those who are using them. Meaning, I think people have their favorites that they are on all the time. Facebook has the widest demographic to advertise to and it is the easiest platform to use for advertising in terms of targeting a certain demographic and location to get good engagement.

  • Which platform do you think is becoming obsolete the fastest?

This is tough to answer – there may be a new platform that starts in a year and becomes the new king and makes them all obsolete. I think the numbers have shown this year that Twitter has stopped gaining followers.  I think the party is over for Twitter unless it is reinvented. Not many people I know use it anymore and I rarely get much feedback on the platform from followers. It is also difficult to use for advertising.

  • How do you get new followers and keep them engaged?

Having interesting content on your platforms to begin with is key. Not spamming (quality over quantity) is the key to keeping new followers coming and keeping them engaged. I like to add a little artistic flair to my posts to make things interesting to look at on social media. Photos and videos are key to grabbing the attention of that person scrolling and you only have a couple seconds to do it.

Where possible, I also like to show that the businesses I advertise have real, local people that own, operate and work for them. I don’t like to make things look too “corporate.” I want the business to have a connection with the customers and vice versa. I want to create a positive emotional attachment between the customer and business.

  • What are the keys to generating a positive experience for your followers?

Goes back to the previous question, not spamming them, high quality & artistic posts (quality over quantity) and providing information that they want and can use. For instance, we do a $1 off beer passphrase Monday where followers must get the passphrase on our social media streams.  This post usually has some nice pictures and all the content they need to know about what is going on at the business for the week, along with that discounted beer code.  Positive experience or what?

  • What is your prediction for the hottest social media platform for 2018?

I think further technological advances to existing platforms such as Instagram stories will be hot. I have heard they may implement augmented reality info IG filters and stories. Platforms Generation Z uses such as snapchat and Instagram will continue to flourish as this Generation Z (<22 years old) comes into the workforce and become spenders. I personally hope to see virtual reality (VR) like Facebook Spaces become a reality.

  • Advice for any businesses interested in starting social media campaigns?

Know your brand, vision and goal.  Make sure to use quality content at a regular but not overbearing pace.  This is time consuming so it might be best to get professional help.  Remember it is an investment in your business that is worthwhile. Times have changed and social media is the now best way to efficiently reach current and potential customers.

Well, there you have it folks! Get excited about social media in 2018. There is so much opportunity that comes from professionally managed social media campaigns. With the right expert behind the wheel, your business can experience a significant increase in customer engagement, sales, revenue and profits.

Interested in getting started with social media marketing or want to discuss your marketing strategy? Contact Laura or Jaren to start the conversation.

About Jaren

Jaren has been in the environmental consulting field for 2 decades as an environmental scientist. Since he first had access to a personal computer, he has been finding ways to start side businesses and make money online since the mid-1990s.  As a former DJ and producer in Orlando, FL, Jaren first started finding and selling vinyl records, and promoted his music and events online in the 1990s. He later created a wedding DJ business in the 2000s, where he taught himself web development, SEO, Google AdWords and Facebook advertising.

Jaren later brought this knowledge to Fort Myers, FL in 2013, when his brother in law started Point Ybel Brewing Company and needed Jaren to create an online presence and robust entertainment schedule for Point Ybel. Having lots of fun being creative while working with music at Point Ybel, Jaren created a business from this passion, Flash Mob Social Media Management in 2017.  Jaren personally manages @pointybelbrew, @chronictacosfm and @marlinsbrew.




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